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Four major issues of photovoltaic power price policy need to be solved

since the implementation of China's photovoltaic power price policy, it has greatly promoted the development of the domestic photovoltaic power generation market, especially the centralized construction of large-scale photovoltaic power stations in the western region. However, this electricity price policy was questioned by all parties on some specific issues at the beginning of its promulgation and implementation. After a period of implementation, other problems began to appear gradually

problem 1 no difference in electricity price

performance: the unified national electricity price policy does not take into account the differences in resources and power generation technology across the country

the current electricity price policy adopts the way of national unified electricity price, which neither considers the differences of resources in different regions for zoning, nor treats them differently by technology

from the perspective of the national solar energy resource conditions, there are great differences between regions. Although the national unified electricity price policy conforms to the principle of giving priority to the development of photovoltaic power generation in areas with good solar energy resource conditions and certain land resource conditions, it also results in a large number of photovoltaic power generation projects with high precision requirements for light supply equipment in areas with good resource conditions in the west, and is far away from major power consumption markets such as the eastern and central regions, Increase the transmission and distribution pressure. If the layout planning and implementation of photovoltaic power generation construction in the western region cannot keep up, the proportion of limited output will increase, and "light abandonment" will become more and more serious

the current electricity price policy also does not consider the differences of various technologies for power generation of vertical universal friction and wear tester of photovoltaic Jinan testing machine factory. Generally speaking, the unit kW investment and operation and maintenance cost of large-scale photovoltaic power stations are slightly lower than that of small-scale photovoltaic systems; In the photovoltaic system combined with buildings, photovoltaic panels are directly combined with building materials, which has very high requirements for system structure and installation, and it is difficult to achieve the best inclination angle. Therefore, the power generation cost of photovoltaic building combined systems in the same region may be 1.5 times or even more than 2 times higher than that of building additional photovoltaic systems. In addition, there is a big gap between the land use cost of different large-scale power stations and the roof use cost of building integrated systems

problem 2: the applicable time limit of electricity price is undetermined

performance: the applicable time limit of electricity price is not specified, which increases the uncertainty of power generation project development

in the current electricity price policy, there is no regulation on the applicable time limit of electricity price, which increases the uncertainty of photovoltaic power generation project development and brings certain difficulties and obstacles to enterprises in applying for project approval and loans. Moreover, the applicable time limit of electricity price also affects the income level and risk control of the project to a certain extent. European countries have implemented different kinds of electricity price policies for photovoltaic power generation, with different levels of electricity price subsidies and different application periods. Therefore, it may occur that the electricity price level is low, but the implementation time is long, which makes the investment income higher

at present, most power generation projects in China adopt the mode of pricing during the operation period. Therefore, referring to the experience of concession bidding projects, photovoltaic power generation projects should clarify the operation period and the applicable period of electricity price, such as 25 years, or put forward mutually matched applicable period and level of electricity price suitable for the development of photovoltaic power generation

problem 3: the adjustment of electricity price is undetermined

performance: it is not clear when and how much the electricity price will be adjusted

in terms of the adjustment of electricity price level, only the principle is stipulated, that is, "adjust in time according to the change of investment cost and technological progress", but there is no regulation on when to adjust and the range of adjustment. It is of great significance to develop bio based epoxy resin with excellent comprehensive performance with unsustainable and abundant biological raw materials. Although considering the previous electricity price policies of other power generation technologies, the electricity price adjustment may be given a certain buffer period, the unclear way of electricity price adjustment may cause the centralized construction in the western region in the second half of 2011 or the enterprises waiting for a more favorable electricity price policy in the buffer period. Germany has established a relatively good system in the adjustment of electricity price level, that is, to clarify the period of electricity price adjustment. The experience in this regard is worthy of our reference

problem 4: there is no linkage between electricity price and development scale

performance: there is no linkage mechanism between electricity price level and development scale, or the market may rise and fall

there is no connection between the current electricity price level and the development scale. The lack of this connection has little impact on other mature power generation industries, but it has a great impact on the photovoltaic power generation industry, which is developing rapidly and the situation may change significantly in a few months. Inappropriate policy formulation or failure will damage the entire photovoltaic industry. Due to the defects in policy design in Spain and Italy, the photovoltaic power generation market has experienced ups and downs, while Germany has timely established the linkage mechanism between photovoltaic price adjustment and development scale. Although the implementation of the policy is not as ideal as expected, it has played a very important role in the sustainable development of the German photovoltaic market after all. As a large developing country, it is necessary for China to maintain the sustainability of policy implementation and the stability of the photovoltaic market. Therefore, the electricity price policy must be coordinated with other planning and strategic layout policies

response: opinions of all parties on the new deal

recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued the exposure draft of the "notice on improving the price policy of photovoltaic power generation" to major photovoltaic enterprises, which fully considered the various problems existing in the previous electricity price, set the electricity price at 0.75 ~ 1 yuan/kWh according to four types of resource areas, and defined and added a certain load, and the implementation period of the electricity price is 20 years, It also puts forward the principles of adjusting the electricity price standard and the problems of land bidding

since it is for advice, there is still room for adjustment. I hope you can actively participate and work together to promote the continuous improvement of China's photovoltaic power generation price policy as soon as possible. Zhonghua glass () Department

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