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CRCC heavy industry underground equipment market operation "four measures simultaneously" to achieve effective results

CRCC heavy industry underground equipment market operation "four measures simultaneously" to achieve effective results

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on May 28, CRCC heavy industry ushered in its 10th anniversary. Over the past 10 years, the operating efficiency of the underground engineering equipment sector of railway construction heavy industry has been rising steadily, and the main economic indicators have risen at an average annual growth rate of 30%. Especially since 2016, through the innovation of business fields, business models, business methods and service concepts, the orders outside the system of the roadheader sector have exceeded the orders inside the system

in terms of innovation in the business field, CRCC heavy industry continued to promote financial leasing business in addition to conventional shield sales, and carried out operational leasing business at the same time, speeding up the response to market demand. At the same time, they have also made greater efforts in maintenance and transformation and parts sales, and their sales have increased significantly compared with previous years

before 2016, some new pollutants harmful to human health (such as bisphenol A) have also attracted the attention and attention of scientific and technological circles and health departments. The industrial layout strategy of railway construction heavy industry is mainly "investment for market". However, with the miniaturization trend of subway cities and the strong willingness of local governments to require enterprises to invest and build factories, The existing "heavy asset investment for market" models such as "Changsha model", "Lanzhou model" and "Xinjiang model" are not suitable for large-scale promotion in the country. To this end, CRCC heavy industries innovated its business model, put forward the concept of "light asset investment for market", and built new manufacturing bases in Baotou, Dalian, Luoyang and other places through joint ventures

in terms of business method innovation, CRCC heavy industry actively occupied the market of subway shield and special underground equipment where the factory is located by strengthening the operation and management of the territorial market and applying to the local government for industrial support for local production equipment. At present, they have established the special underground equipment market in Changsha, Lanzhou, Xinjiang and other places when the safety valve is not adjusted properly

in addition, CRCC heavy industry also introduced "comity service" to drive business work. For all the requirements and problems raised by customers, they should actively face and properly solve them, do everything that can be explained and done, resolve all the doubts of customers, and strive to develop one-time customers into repeat customers

in 2017, based on the technical conditions of plate rubber bearings for urban rail and highway bridges jt3132.2 (8) traffic projects, CRCC heavy industry actively expanded the development of water conservancy tunnels, underwater tunnels, municipal pipe corridors and other projects, so as to continue to promote the four innovative measures of market operation and continuously expand the market share of underground equipment

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