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At present, there are four misunderstandings in the brand construction of fingerprint lock, which is the safest lock. Fingerprint lock is an intelligent lock with human fingerprint as the identification carrier and means. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint lock is generally composed of electronic identification and control and mechanical linkage system. The uniqueness and non replicability of fingerprints determine that fingerprint lock is the safest lock among all locks at present

the reason why fingerprint lock surpasses mechanical lock, password lock and induction lock and becomes the representative of the new generation of door locks is that fingerprint lock uses the uniqueness and non replicability of human fingerprints. Here, uniqueness and non replicability are that everyone's fingerprints are different, and almost one in hundreds of millions of people have the same fingerprints, which is similar to that there is no exactly the same leaf in the world. Fingerprint identification technology has certain requirements for the temperature, humidity and even the speed of blood flow of the human body when identifying, preventing the hidden dangers of illegal elements copying and using fingerprints, and ensuring the safety of using fingerprint locks

fingerprint lock is a low attention product, which only appears in some engineering projects and high-end places at this stage. Most customers don't have a clear concept of what kind of fingerprint lock is a good fingerprint lock standard. This is the best time for the fingerprint lock industry to open new categories and build strong brands

fingerprint lock is an emerging industry in China, and has not yet formed a prominent Chinese brand. At present, the Chinese fingerprint lock brand has fallen into several misunderstandings, affecting this promising industry

the first misunderstanding: unclear product positioning

in China's fingerprint lock market, the competition between brands is at an early stage, and most fingerprint lock brands do not point to a specific category. Although fingerprint locks belong to a large category, the level of competition between industries is still unable to break through

at present, there are probably two kinds of brand building carried out by fingerprint lock, either pure conceptual refinement or superficial category segmentation, which is basically still in the stage of selling products. Domestic fingerprint lock brands focus on the functional demands of "safety and theft prevention", which provides a competitive chip for many investors and backward fingerprint lock brands

domestic enterprises often like large and comprehensive product line planning, thinking that the more products, the more money they will make. In the pursuit of large and comprehensive product planning, it is inevitable to fall into a chaotic situation of product planning

the confusion of product planning of fingerprint lock enterprises is reflected in two aspects: one is that there are many product varieties without a representative item; The other is that there are few product varieties, and there is also no representative item

now, some fingerprint lock brands focus on emotional appeal, and some fingerprint lock brands focus on creating concept points, but the classification of their own brands is still not clear enough

the best way to end the confusion of product planning is to find an item that can be consistent with the Category attribute, and then continue to promote this item, so that it will always be at the forefront of the market

we can consider forming a unique mental symbol on the product to make this product a representative item. This can be achieved by refining a certain part of the product. For example, what fingerprint lock contacts with customers is the touch screen (liquid crystal screen). There is much to be done in this place, and a unique mental symbol that meets the needs of customers can be excavated

the second misunderstanding: the channel potential energy is not high

"Sun Tzu's art of war" said: "therefore, the potential of people who are good at fighting, such as turning a boulder into a mountain, is also potential." This potential is potential energy. Although there are not many fingerprint lock brands now, the vast majority of fingerprint lock brands focus on the engineering market and turn a blind eye to the vast civil retail market. In channel construction, many fingerprint lock brands lack certain new technologies, new processes, new products and new materials, which have breakthrough potential effects

most fingerprint lock enterprises focus on the engineering market, not only because of the high price of fingerprint lock, but also because the fingerprint lock brand has not established a potential energy effect in the channel and cannot sell well in a wide range of civil retail

domestic fingerprint lock brands have established successful image stores in first-class cities and are gradually improving

the third misunderstanding: weak advertising promotion

in modern society, advertising is an essential part of the market economy. The products of enterprises need to be promoted through various forms of advertising in order to effectively promote sales

according to the author's observation, at present, few advertisements are seen in fingerprint locks. Some insiders believe that fingerprint lock is a product with low attention and does not need to be advertised frequently. The author does not agree with this practice. Products such as fingerprint locks should first be vigorously promoted in professional journals. Choosing the right media is equivalent to choosing the right audience. In this way, advertising promotion will get twice the result with half the effort

before advertising promotion, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of advertising, such as attracting investment or shaping brand image. This is very important. Otherwise, advertising costs are far more than half wasted

the operation method with lower cost than advertising is to promote in the form of public relations to achieve the goal of credibility marketing. It is worth mentioning that the gold finger code has become the designated product of fingerprint lock for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; Probak became the fingerprint lock supplier of the "bird's nest" of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the designated product of the 24th World University Winter Games. The refining and building of strong credibility elements have promoted the rapid development of the brand

the fourth misunderstanding: backward resource integration

if the oil is used improperly, resource integration can be divided into two aspects: on the one hand, the resource integration of the enterprise itself, on the other hand, the resource integration outside the enterprise. The two complement each other and work together

the enterprise's own resource integration is mainly in talent, technology and products. This aspect is the resources that the enterprise can control. It is relatively convenient to integrate. It only needs all resources to carry out innovative layout. On the original basis, the allocation of resources should be adjusted according to the brand positioning, so as to promote the efficient operation within the enterprise

the integration of internal resources is reflected in all aspects, including the establishment and improvement of the sales system. The author observed that many fingerprint lock enterprises have weak sales execution. The sales management system and the sales management system have not been formed, and the sales management has not been turned into a clear executable process. In terms of sales management system, fingerprint lock enterprises should focus on incentives

business personnel lack the training of fingerprint lock knowledge and skills, and cannot form a team for collaborative operations. It is very important for salespeople to understand products and brands. The author once talked with the business promotion personnel engaged in fingerprint lock, and also communicated with the salesperson in the hardware lock store, building materials center, etc., and found that several salespersons with the same brand introduced their own brands and products differently. In terminal stores, some brand salesmen basically do not understand the basic knowledge of fingerprint lock, which is really a hard injury in the channel

the integration of resources outside the enterprise mainly includes relationship maintenance, suppliers, agents, dealers, etc., which must master the key points. Only by grasping the key points can we integrate resources and make full use of them for our own enterprises

the resources related to enterprises are extensive and abundant. However, we may not necessarily own these maximum travel displacement limited resources. What is important is that we can fully mobilize and use these resources when necessary. This is the concept of resource integration that the author agrees with

every enterprise has its own misunderstandings and problems, which is inevitable. The market is a complex of problems, and the enterprise is also a problem organization. Brand building is to solve one problem after another, eliminate misunderstandings, and help enterprises grow healthily

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