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In the era of intelligent manufacturing, machines are widely replacing artificial beauty to build a "black light" factory in Han people's Wuhan, November 11 (Xinhua) -- in the future, all robots on the production line will be developed and designed by ourselves, and the automation rate of the production line will reach more than 70%, which can fully realize the production of black lights. Yesterday, in the electronic workshop of Wuhan Midea Industrial Park, liuchenwei, equipment manager of the Engineering Department of Midea Group Wuhan refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., confidently described the scene of intelligent manufacturing. It is understood that the company is currently investing in the construction of an air-conditioning production line with the highest automation rate in the world. It is expected that the production line will be completed and put into operation by the end of the year to avoid scalding. Through the investment of automation lines and equipment, the ability to deal with trade protectionism will be enhanced. The production efficiency of Wuhan factory has decreased by 30% year-on-year and the output has increased by 20%

5 years, the wages of 200 robot workers were doubled.

as a traditional household electrical appliance industry, Midea was once a major labor force in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. According to the relevant person in charge of the Development Zone, around 2011, the annual output of air conditioners in Wuhan Midea reached 5million sets, and a batch of rapid follow-up employees of new material enterprises exceeded 11000. In recent years, more and more enterprises have encountered labor shortage, The difficulty in recruiting general workers has become a bottleneck for enterprises to improve their production capacity

previously, the monthly turnover rate reached about 20%, but now it has dropped to 4%. Tonghailin, manager of the Engineering Department of the company, analyzed that with the company's transformation to intelligent manufacturing, more and more production lines have introduced robots, which has not only greatly increased production efficiency, but also more stable product quality

with the improvement of the automation rate of the factory, the production efficiency of the factory is also constantly improving. Taking the current air conditioner remote control production line as an example, it used to require about 100 workers, but now after the introduction of a large number of robots, the number of employees on the production line is reduced to 2, and the output is about 20% higher than that at that time

it is understood that since the implementation of the intelligent manufacturing plan in 2011, Midea has increased resource investment and promotion in automation and informatization. So far, more than 200 robots have been introduced, and the number of employees has dropped to 4300

at the same time, the treatment of ordinary workers is also improving. Take Midea Industrial Park as an example. In 2011, when its employment reached the peak of 11000 people, the average wage of general workers was less than 2000 yuan. Now, the figure has risen to 4000 yuan, which has doubled in five years

shift from mass production to intelligent manufacturing

with the continuous reduction of workers, the annual output of Midea Wuhan Industrial Park has increased instead of decreasing. It is expected that the output of air conditioners will reach 5.5 million sets by the end of 2015

according to Tong Hailin, the company has successively invested 200million yuan in Wuhan factory to build intelligent production lines, and these investments will continue to increase in the future. In the next few years, the comprehensive cost of the production line will decrease by 10% every year, and with the reduction of labor, the per capita comprehensive efficiency will also increase by 25% every year

the improvement of automation rate is not the ultimate goal of intelligent manufacturing transformation. In the future, industrial production and user consumption will also be seamlessly connected

imagine that the future home appliances, unlike the same batch products in today's shopping malls, can be customized according to individual needs. Just place a remote order through the terminal and select a variety of parameters such as product appearance, color, built-in function, etc. the products can be delivered directly to the door

at present, some robots on the production line, and many main bodies are imported from abroad. At present, with more and more investment in research and development, all robots on the production line in the future will be independently developed and manufactured. Liu said that these robots can not only maintain production efficiency, but also realize real-time connection with the Internet in the future. In addition to the company's preset production plan, remote personalized production workshops will be set up in the future. At present, the company has developed relevant intelligent software (the drying time of cement is usually 10-15 days). After the cement is completely dried, it is being debugged. In the future, individual consumers, enterprise users and supermarket users can place orders directly through this terminal without ordering from the manufacturer. All processes are completed by machines and Internet. (Shipeng, zhoumingde)

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