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Peeking at leopard in the exhibition: the conventional market of LED screen has become stable, and the field of medium and high-end segmented products has become a new battlefield

in modern marketing, the exhibition has become an important way for enterprises to carry out image publicity, new product release, professional information collection and other actions. In particular, professional exhibitions are not only the epitome of the industry they represent, but also a market, from which we can quickly and accurately understand the development trend of the industry. At the site of this Shenzhen International LED exhibition, from the products displayed by major enterprises, we can clearly find that there are very few conventional LED display products that traditionally rely on volume and price competition, and the customized and diversified market segments have started to smoke, becoming a new battlefield for major LED display enterprises. Striving for creativity, comparing technology, seizing opportunities and seeking development, now that the conventional market pattern of LED display screen has been determined, which segment products will led display screen enterprises take the lead in the market

led transparent screen

in the past two years, the development momentum of LED transparent screen has been very strong, and it has "been in the limelight" in major industry exhibitions, as well as this exhibition. With its crystal clear shape advantage, led transparent screen has occupied half of the exhibition, fully demonstrating its courage as a dark horse in the market segment. With the continuous progress of display technology, from the optimization of product structure to the expansion of product application field, the development trend of LED transparent screen is amazing. It is developing towards lighter, thinner and more transparent. For example, the LED transparent screen shown by mingxingguang is made of PC material, and the box permeability is as high as 87%. It can be installed on the glass curtain wall, window or curved wall according to the requirements of customers, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly

nowadays, the LED transparent screen has broken through the limitations of the traditional LED display used on glass. Its definition is close to the high-definition LCD, and has realized transparency, intelligence and high-definition. It is undoubtedly a new direction for the development of LED display in the future. With the support of smart city construction, the current building area in China is 50billion square meters, of which curtain walls account for 5%, and 90million square meters of new curtain walls are built every year. Such a huge glass curtain wall market undoubtedly brings great development opportunities to transparent screens. However, as the application of LED transparent screen has not been popularized and comprehensive, and the high price makes them very familiar with the security situation of various factories and construction sites prohibitive, many application fields have not been widely developed, and the production cost, after-sales service and market promotion are all urgent problems to be solved at present

led tile screen

if the LED transparent screen has been "dominating" the exhibition for many years, the LED tile screen that has exploded in the past two years is a rising star, hot in the industry, and has become one of the highlights of this exhibition. In particular, the p4.66 interactive tile screen in the excellent landscape booth not only presents a gorgeous visual effect, but also attracts many exhibitors to experience its agile reflection effect

led floor tile screen was originally born for the application of dance beauty. Compared with the traditional stage floor, the combined application of LED floor tile screen, led transparent screen, ice screen and other products can maximize the creative inspiration of stage designers, present an immersive sound and light feast for the audience, and play an increasingly important role in the design of dance beauty such as concerts, new product launches, fashion shows, and wedding celebrations. With the development of science and technology, the market now puts forward higher requirements for the basic performance of LED tile screen, using a new function - inductive interaction. The LED tile screen is loaded with pressure sensors, capacitive sensors or infrared sensors. When people move on the tile screen, the sensor can sense the position of people and feed back the trigger information to the main controller, Then the main controller outputs the corresponding display effect after logic judgment

nowadays, LED floor tile screens are more and more widely used. They have become irreplaceable display products for floor decoration such as exhibition halls, urban construction, shopping malls, bars and entertainment, and their future development is even more limitless

on the basis of their research on more than 20 technical indicators, such as the chemical composition of ultra free cutting materials, ultra easy cutting performance, pen factory production requirements, etc., LED flexible screen

Many places with high creative requirements, such as the atrium of hotels or commercial real estate, bring new visual experiences to people. At the same time, the LED flexible screen gives more soul and energy to the LED display screen at the moment of customization in the LED display screen industry, which can completely realize any arbitrary ideas of customers, so as to win the hearts of end customers. For example, the smooth curved screen displayed on the xincaichen booth has a unique taste and makes people linger

although the product is good, at present, the LED flexible screen still has some limitations. For example, the requirements for outdoor waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistance of the product need to be improved, and the price of the product is higher than that of conventional products. At present, it is widely used in high-end indoor places. With the further improvement of technology, it is believed that the LED flexible screen will have greater development prospects

led special-shaped screen

the 21st century is an era of "black technology", and "tricks" and "new ideas" must be more valuable than simply competing for product quality. People in the LED display industry are well aware of this truth, so after the continuous efforts in product spacing, transparency and application scenarios, they have changed their business ideas to avoid falling into homogeneous competition again, To provide customers with creative product design solutions, heterosexual screen is one of the directions. In the exhibition hall, various LED creative special-shaped screens launched by various enterprises have won the attention of the public, and have attracted much attention since the exhibition

the market always favors differentiated products. The birth of LED special-shaped screen is a differentiated product that can improve the design sense and innovation of LED display. If so, "creative display" is also a new display mode based on the technological progress in recent years and the innovation of people's way of thinking. As long as there are good materials and forms of expression, even the conventional screen can achieve creative display. As the beginning of LED creative display, led special-shaped screen has a very deep excavation space, which will also be the general trend of industry development

led advertising machine

in recent years, the advertising industry has been rapidly shuffling, the Internet has become more and more popular, and offline advertising is difficult to operate. Disorderly competition has led to a large number of advertising spaces, which has aroused public disgust. A popular saying in the society is "fire prevention, theft prevention and advertising". With the continuous upgrading of smart city terminal consumption, as the natural carrier of smart city terminals, the new generation of advertising and information communication media, LED advertising machines have stepped onto the new retail and other commercial display stage with a novel, unique and more fashionable attitude, and have attracted much market attention

from the situation of the air compressor pump at the exhibition site, the LED advertising products used in the commercial display market are almost necessary for every company. Whether it is the LED advertising machine of Decai Co., Ltd., xincaichen or the LED shelf screen of EasyStar, it shows the characteristic products of the enterprise. With its advantages of novelty, rich content, simplicity, large amount of publicity, practical economy and so on, it attracts more consumers to understand and buy 8 The product with information release expiration date can achieve the double effect of consumer and business satisfaction. Although from the analysis of the current retail market development, LCD advertising machines still occupy the leading position and almost monopolize the media market, we can learn from the communication with the leaders of major enterprises that the LED advertising machine market is very considerable. Once recognized by the market, it will have a huge market prospect

the market of conventional products of LED display screen tends to be stable, and the era of creativity is coming in an all-round way. The marketing concept of "channel is king" is no longer applicable in the LED display screen industry. LED display screen manufacturers need to actively seek innovation in all aspects while trying to meet the diversified requirements of customers. Of course, this will inevitably put forward higher requirements for the marketing, enterprise management, after-sales service and other aspects of LED screen enterprises. Therefore, screen enterprises need to constantly update and improve the entire operation system chain in order to better adapt to and serve the market

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