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How to choose Custom Furniture correctly? The old carpenter pointed out first step is to choose a brand company. How can a brand company correctly choose customized furniture in terms of equipment, design, installation, after-sales service,

the old carpenter pointed out first step is to choose a brand company, which is guaranteed in terms of equipment, design, installation, after-sales service and material quality. In case of problems, the management is relatively standardized and handled smoothly

consumers can first look at the physical store, have an intuitive understanding of the manufacturer's design ability and product quality, select reputable brands with good reputation, and feel the differences in the process and quality of different brands during field visits

in addition, the service consciousness of designers is also very important. After the first door-to-door measurement and before the design scheme is finalized, if the owner puts forward some modification opinions or considers new functional requirements and wants to adjust the design scheme, if the designer is willing to visit again to understand the situation and conduct on-site measurement to verify the feasibility of the modified scheme, provide a more perfect design scheme, explain that his service attitude will be better, and the later communication will be smoother

agreement: it is important to clarify the details of the contract

at present, there is no national standard in the customized furniture industry, and the agreement between manufacturers and consumers is still the main in terms of materials, specifications, prices and so on. Once the customized furniture has quality problems, unless the release of harmful substances in the furniture exceeds the standard and the test report of a nationally recognized testing institution is issued, or the materials used are inconsistent with the agreement, the merchants will return and exchange the goods

generally, furniture has deformation, improper installation and other problems. Because customized products are personalized products, which affect secondary sales, both businesses and stores are basically based on repair. Therefore, in order to protect their own rights and interests, it is particularly important to clarify the details of the contract with the business when purchasing customized furniture

what should we pay attention to when signing the contract? The lawyer suggested that the color, size, plate, hardware, delivery date, etc. of the furniture should be clearly marked in the contract. In case of wrong goods, you can take the contract to discuss a statement, so as to avoid the problem that the oral agreement cannot be traced

Design: effective communication with designers

the birth of a good product must be due to the owner's full ideas, rather than completely handed over to the designer

at present, even for large brands, the designers of customized furniture are mostly young people who do not have rich life experience. They have professional knowledge of design, but their life experience is often not as rich as that of the owners, and the needs of the owners are often closely related to their personal living habits

for example, there are many clothes that need to be hung at home or the storage space for small items needs to be increased. If the owner does not take the initiative to communicate the situation and put forward clear requirements, even experienced designers are difficult to make a satisfactory plan

special space is suitable for customization

home decoration designers said that choosing furniture should comprehensively consider the overall home decoration style and long-term functionality

after measuring the room, the home decoration designer will determine where to use customized products and where to buy finished products according to the actual needs of the owner. At present, the customized furniture is mainly plate type, and the appearance is relatively single. Unless the space is special or there are special requirements, it is generally recommended that the owner use the finished furniture of the brand

if there are both finished furniture and customized furniture in the home, the owner also needs to communicate with the designer of customized furniture to determine that the design and color of customized furniture match the overall home decoration style

small strategies can save a lot of money

for customized businesses, plates also have standard thickness and height. When purchasing customized products, the more special shapes, the higher the price. When designing, you can consult with the designer to see whether you can find a cost-effective solution without choosing a different shape

in addition, generally speaking, orders with large demand can bring more favorable discount prices, free manual installation costs, etc

therefore, it is better for consumers to place orders for products customized by a manufacturer and brand, so as to strive for cheaper prices and better services

the old carpenter customizes the furniture in the whole house, which saves you worry, effort and money

the old carpenter said: I will realize your creativity! The old carpenter's logs are customized in the whole house, and the cracking and deformation are compensated twice

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