The highlight in the bedroom, the colorful bedside

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Although the bedside table is inconspicuous in the bedroom, it is inconvenient to have no bedside table. If space permits, the bedside table cannot be omitted. But the bedside table is generally rigid, and innovative forms are rare. Today, Xiaobian has collected many bedside tables with creative designs. Let's have a look

these bedside tables seem to be simply stacked together, but they are actually carefully designed, which is very artistic. Different patterns and carvings show rich texture elements, and some gorgeous elements appear in the details. The shape of layers of small drawers stacked in staggered layers looks more spiritual

don't look at a square bedside table. In fact, the visual experience is not ordinary. On the contrary, it looks simple and exquisite. It's not big but simple and beautiful. It's also very versatile in the bedroom space. It's suitable for Japanese, northern European and other styles

the design integrating the bedside table and the dresser is suitable for small bedroom space. The white polished cabinet surface looks elegant and temperament, and a red line is the finishing touch

using wooden ladders or other natural elements as bedside tables is a common design in Nordic style. The ladder is spliced with natural wood, painted with black paint, leaning against the bedside, on which you can hang anything, casual and casual

in the modern simple style, a bedside table with simple shape like this is a very common matching item. There are drawers to take care of privacy, open shelves, and the part of the cabinet board higher than the edge of the table can prevent items from sliding. A simple but extremely practical style





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