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80 square meters of two bedrooms and two living rooms belong to the standard household type. This type of house has advantages in house type. Moreover, for ordinary families, the purchase of this type of house type is more economical and applicable. So what kind of decoration style is 80 square meters suitable for? Today, our decoration editor will mainly cite several commonly used decoration styles for you, and the owners who are preparing to decorate will come and have a look

80 square meters two bedroom and two hall house type suitable decoration style:

case 1: modern simple

summary: modern simple decoration is applicable to any house type, especially the standard household type of 80 square meters. The decoration of 80 square meters can make the decoration of the new house more harmonious and give people a variety of life elements of simple life. Although the design and collocation are very simple, there is no lack of exquisite beauty, Some distinctive murals can be hung on the accessories of the living room to make the decoration of the living room more interesting. This decoration effect is suitable for owners of different ages, so the modern and simple decoration of two bedrooms and two living rooms with an area of 80 square meters is the first choice

case 2: mix and match style

Xiaobian summary: the biggest difference between mix and match and simple style is that the design and collocation are more cumbersome, and they pursue a follow-up to fashion elements. If modern simple style is a relatively old-fashioned decoration, then the mix and match style is extremely free. In collocation, different elements and different performance effects can be effectively combined in different ways, But it can give people a bright decorative effect, so the mix and match style is creative in the decoration, because the fashion will always change and become more fashionable in the decoration

case 3: idyllic style

editor summary: many people have errors in the decoration of idyllic style, thinking that idyllic style is to bring some natural factors in nature into the decoration. In fact, this definition is not true. The reason why idyllic style decoration is idyllic is that it pays attention to the creation of natural flavor in the decoration, and uses more ecological patterns and green color decoration, Create a simple and idyllic atmosphere of life, or use more logs for decoration, and create a natural ecological decoration, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also beautiful

case 4: summary of Chinese classic

Xiaobian: the traditional Chinese style, whether in terms of rules or decoration, is relatively old-fashioned, so the decoration effect shown is simple, neat and uniform, without unnecessary and cumbersome things. Just like the decoration shown in the above figure, it feels very comfortable at a glance. Generally, the owners who like this decoration style belong to the older age group, Because this kind of decoration is relatively old-fashioned, young people will find it unattractive and not suitable for the post-90s generation who like to pursue fashion

case 5: childlike style

Xiaobian summary: this childlike style decoration is unique in design. This design is not only reflected in the outline of the whole room, but also in the overall collocation. For example, the decoration shown in the above figure is different from the traditional living room decoration. The curved shape gives people a sense of freshness, and this living room decoration shows a kind of romantic powder, which is especially suitable for girls who like Barbie powder, Therefore, this childlike style of decoration also has limitations, which is more suitable for young people

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