Simple style kitchen decoration, be a neat housewi

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For women at home, the kitchen is where they can exert their charm. But for the simple style kitchen, it has not simple functions. It has neat storage space, perfect cooking facilities, and some even have dining areas. And these are the world of beautiful housewives. Next, follow Xiaobian to see some simple kitchen decoration renderings, and be a neat housewife

although it is a simple style, the cabinet chooses the eye-catching lemon yellow, which is very fashionable. The design of the details is also very brilliant. The bookshelf is also designed in the top cabinet near the window, which can put all kinds of cooking books

the kitchen adopts black-and-white colors, and the classic collocation is very exquisite. The shelf is used instead of the wall cabinet, which has the function of storing goods. At the same time, it is also more convenient to use than the cabinet. Although the kitchen is small, its functions are very comprehensive, and the white tiles also make the kitchen look very clean





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