A house in Zhuzhou was decorated and littered high

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At 5:00 p.m. on the 4th, Mr. Tan reported that a house near his home was being renovated, and the decoration garbage was directly thrown down from the fourth floor, and the dust was flying all over the sky

the place mentioned by Mr. Tan is in the courtyard of Zhuzhou branch of the people's Insurance Company of China, which is an old house on the right side of the main building of the insurance company. The dormitory of the family members of the insurance company where Mr. Tan is located is less than 5 meters away from the decoration site. The reporter saw at the scene yesterday that under the building being decorated, bricks, dust, sofas and other decoration garbage accumulated more than 3 meters high, and the windows on the fourth floor had been removed, and the sound of electric drills took over

Mr. Tan told reporters that as long as bricks produced by wall demolition are thrown downstairs, small particles of dust will be blown home by the wind, and the whole community will also be filled with white dust. Another resident, Mr. Nie, said that his grandson's face was covered with gray when he stuck it on the screen window to see the outside because of curiosity, which made him aware of the seriousness of the problem. However, they went to the construction site many times to reflect and protest, and there was no improvement

the day before yesterday, the reporter contacted Mr. Chen, a staff member of the Zhuzhou branch office of the people's Insurance Company of China Limited. He said that this place was originally rented to Fortune Hotel. After it was taken back this year, it was intended to be used for other purposes after decoration. It was necessary to knock down the wall of the previously isolated room of the hotel. For convenience, the construction workers directly threw garbage from the fourth floor to cause pollution. At present, the insurance company has negotiated with the person in charge of the decoration company that undertook the project. The other Party promised to sprinkle water during the construction period to reduce dust. In addition, all decoration garbage will be bagged and transported downstairs




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